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Beauty Hides Struggle...


This is Guatemala:

Ancient volcanoes, lush countryside, and spectacular beauty.  But sometimes beauty hides the struggle, and this is the case in Guatemala.

Guatemala’s thirty-six-year civil war was one of the bloodiest in Central America, and the effects of the war still remain.  Though peace accords were reached, two-thirds of the population of Guatemala still live below the poverty line.


Thirty percent of the population remain trapped in severe poverty resulting in the highest infant mortality rates in Central America. 


With so many poor, challenges remain.


Those In Need

Many individuals that live in dehumanizing poverty in and around Guatemala City need access to basic needs such as medical care and clean water. 

Girl on Hillside.JPG

Why Project Amistad Guatemala?

The cycle of poverty that families are caught in Guatemala is difficult to disrupt, but begins with creating better health conditions for young, developing brains and bodies of precious children.  Every mother in Guatemala has told us that they would like their children to have a better life, and that they do not want their children to suffer from lack of basic needs. 


Transforming situations of poverty and improving the wellbeing of young lives in Guatemala requires the efforts of many individuals who are committed to a common vision.  Project Amistad provides a bridge of friendship between professionals in Guatemala and committed colleagues in the U.S. to work together in a devoted way to create a better life for women and their families in Guatemala.  


Your friendship is a needed part of transformations going on in Guatemala that make a difference to those caught in a struggle to survive overwhelming situations of poverty.  Please join our Friendship Network and help make transformations happen.


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