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The Transformative Power of Friendship

Project Amistad Guatemala is a faith-based 501© (3) non-profit with a mission to help meet basic medical and educational needs of individuals trapped in dehumanizing conditions and who seek a better life for themselves and their families.


The founders of Project Amistad have 35 years of experience working in collaboration as equal partners in Guatemala.  The foundation of their spirituality and work is “relationship”: working together to help communities and persons to help themselves.  Projects and programs have been accomplished in the last ten years to help communities in Guatemala with better health care, nutrition, clean water, medical supplies all in a Spirit of Friendship.


Spirituality & The Precious Value of the Person

 "I came that they would have Life, and have it to the full...."  (John 10:10)

The Spirit is present in everything that implies growth, transformation, and creation. No one and nothing is beyond the reach of the Spirit. The Spirit takes hold of persons and endows them with special charisms and abilities to help make things new. When persons unite in friendship and community, hidden gifts reveal themselves and are shared.


Jesus came for the salvation of the person. Salvation is rooted in the word “Salus", in Latin meaning "Health". Project Amistad's initiatives reflect the precious value of the person and serve to improve the quality of life for all with the involvement of the Spirit, as we work for health and healing for all individuals.

We Are Contemplative and Committed:

  • We Value the Dignity of the Precious Human Person

  • We Value Cultural Exchange, Compassionate Friendship, Service, Respect, and Hospitality.

  • We Value Mutuality in Relationship with Equal Sharing in all Decisions, Priorities, and Goals of our Work and Mission. 

  • We Value Listening to Women and their Families as a Fundamental Foundation of our Mission to Serve the Wellbeing of Others

  • We Value Simplicity and Preferential Option for the Poor.


Founders and Friends

Edgar Romero Giron was born and raised in Guatemala City. Edgar is an architectural engineer that has extensive experience working with development initiatives throughout Guatemala. Edgar has worked with both government and non-governmental contracts on engineering projects, but his primary focus is human development initiatives which center on women's health. He is the father of four children and  lives with his family in Guatemala City.  

Lorilee Petrangelo first served the great people of Guatemala in the southern region of the country near Lake Atitilan. She has worked extensively with Mayan village communities to address the epidemic of malnutrition in children. Lorilee also directed water projects and directed the construction of medical clinics in Guatemala's most violent urban slum named San Pedro Ayampuc, Guatemala. Lorilee is a certified spiritual director, contemplative writer, and mother of three children who resides with her family in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"Our task is to lift up the gems of the past and make a new discovery"


Dream Child, dream child,

Just think what you could be.

Come precious little one,

Create your dream with me.

We'll build it together

From what your

heart can see.

Then magically, joyfully,

Set your spirit free.



Precious Baby Grace

Died of Malnutrition 

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