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Uplifted Communities Served 

The founders of Project Amistad have worked together to approach human development as a collaborative model.  Individuals and families are included in expressing their felt needs for themselves and their communities.  We organize with affiliated communities to provide vital needs such as clean water, medical clinics, nutrition programs, and access to affordable medicines. 

What we Take For Granted is Sacred to Them....


Water is Life: Completion of a Clean Water Project 

San Pedro Ayampuc Guatemala:  the most violent and poor area of urban slums outside of Guatemala City.  No sewer system, no running water, unsanitary conditions. When infants and children do not have access to clean water, chronic infections set in, and profound malnourishment.  Sadly, many infants and young children suffer and die each year in Guatemala from lack of clean water and food sources.  For those that do survive, brains often do not develop properly due to chronic illness and shrinking bodies. 

The founders of Project Amistad organized collaborations with the local church, engineering firms from Guatemala City and a Water Filtration firm from Honduras to complete a Water Purification Plant to provide clean water for the first time to the area.  Clean water meant LIFE.  Clean Water,  what we take for granted —is sacred to them.

 Medical Clinic with a Pharmacy


In all Mayan Village of San Jose Nacahuil, the first medical facility for the community was provided.  The area was very beautiful, but beauty often hides struggle.  And this was the case in San Jose, Guatemala.  The new medical clinic saved the individuals of the area precious resources as they no longer had to make a long commute to Guatemala City for medical care or medication they often could not afford.  For the first time, mothers had access for their babies and young children to receive wellness checks, critically needed shots and attend to more health problems or injuries.  The all-day pharmacy provided access to life-saving medications and alleviated the suffering children often face in Guatemala from parasitic infections.  


Preschool and Nutrition Program: San Jose, Guatemala














A partnership was developed with a church in an all Mayan village north of Guatemala City which desired to improve the health conditions for children in the area.   A successful collaboration was established in the impoverished community and a preschool with a nutrition program was developed to serve young children.  Preschool and nutrition were a simple way to help people help themselves.

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