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The Mission

Helping Friends of Guatemala

Our current project is providing a medical clinic in Guatemala City in order to provide access to emergency care, medications, and treatments.  The project is designed to create jobs for the indigenous under-class who are seeking employment. 


New Visitation Center: a medical facility to provide critical care for infants 

Project Amistad is collaborating with a group of doctors local to Guatemala to establish a functioning "Visitation Center" in the Capitol of Guatemala City. The clinic area will provide sanitary conditions, proper medical equipment and beds for patients which are currently lacking.  The new Center will include a vitally needed infant critical care unit.  


Access to sanitary medical treatment for families who live in overwhelming conditions of poverty near the city means Life and Hope.  Too many children suffer needlessly from chronic infections that lead to malnutrition or worse.  The medications that the clinic will provide can heal these situations and restore the diseased young bodies of infants and children to a state of wellbeing.  

Consider making a life-changing contribution for the new facility today, and your friendship will make all the difference to help make the clinic with baby intensive care possible. 


 Clinic designs include new equipment

for critically ill infants

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